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Where science and art converge  

At Nth Generation (formerly Automation Software Consultants, Inc.) we believe that software engineering is both a science and an art, and is best practiced by enginers who are both scientists and artists. We have been providing software solutions that are both creative and technically across North America sound since 1987.

Whether you are across the street or across the planet, we are anxious to serve you.

Nth Generation specializes in development projects at a fixed price.  Before you outsource your project on an hourly rate or staff up your development team, see what Nth Generation can do for you at a fixed price. Remember, if your vendor is not confident enough in their estimate to guarantee it, then you probably shouldn't trust it either.

Why use fixed price development?

Software development projects are notorious for getting off track or running over budget. If you’re paying an hourly rate either to your programming staff or to a vendor then this is a huge problem. If you’re paying a fixed price then this is not.

Developers that are willing to work at a fixed price are generally better than those that are not. They have to be. They have to do a thorough job of nailing down the requirements in order to make a quotation. And they have to be write good software or else they will never get paid.

Contact Nth Generation today to see what we can do for you at a fixed price!

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