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If you make money from your web site, you can't afford to make a bad impression.

For a low monthly fee Nth Generation can:

Poll your website to make sure that it is always up

In today's internet driven world your onfy.de magnesium tabletten web site means money, and when your site is down you are losing money. Our robot will read a page from your web site as frequently as you want and send an e-mail to you if your web site is down.

Scan your web site for broken links

Nothing looks more unprofessional that a broken link on your web site. If someone is looking for information or a download and they come to a dead end they'll likely look somewhere else. You've lost a potential customer. Our robot can scan your site either periodically or on demand to check for broken links to other pages, missing images or missing download files and e-mail a report to you.

With out Site Monitor and Spider services you never have to worry about your web site.


If you'd prefer to do it yourself, our NthSpider program will check for broken links on your own site whenever you want.

Why take a chance of losing sales?

We can do all of this on a single we site for a monthly fee. Discounts are available for multiple web sites.

Site Monitor Monitor your web site at your desired frequency and notify if it goes off line? NthSpider Crawls your web site daily to find broken links.

For more than 5 web sites call 800-669-0842 for pricing.

Or if you're not convinced yet, our spider can scan for broken links on your web site for a one time fee of $5.00

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