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System Architecture, Design and Development

Software development projects are notorious for coming in over budget and past due. Our developers have a good track record of coming in on time and within budget mining rig. We can assist with your development on a time and materials basis. Or to protect your budget we can quote a fixed price for your entire project or for a piece of your project. 

Software Repair and Retrofit

If you have a project that has gotten off track there is a good chance that the problem is design or architecture related more than just bad code. We can make then enhancements or repairs needed to get your project back on track. 

Project Evaluation

If you have a project that is behind schedule or over budget we can make an independent evaluation of your project to determine if it is still on track.

Database Maintenance

Database design is often the most important part of any system archetecture. Our team of certified Oracle DBA's have many development cycles under their belts and can assist with your database design, development or maintenance.

Support and Maintenance

Organizations often have a hard time maintaining their development staff after a project is completed, leaving no one to provide ongoing maintenance and support. We can outsource the support and maintenance of your software and systems.

Needs Analysis

A project that is not adequately defined will never hit its target. There is an art to asking the right questions and anticipating where the hidden problems might be. Our system architects can assist you in determining and documenting your needs.

Project History